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hi im lucy and i love bishounens theyre so beautiful and i want them all to be mine but people keep putting them with nasty female characters or in icky yaoi pairings which i dont like

i hate it when people say bad things about my favourite bishounens and also when bad things happen to them even in the original mangas or games or whatever if the bishounens have me nothing bad will ever happen to them

[Not a real journal - sock puppet for the War Comms.]

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albel, allelujah, amiboshi, anime, athrun, ayame, bad things shouldnt happen, bashing female characters, being a crybaby, being a moron, being annoying, being childish, being delusional, being idealistic, being naive, being scared of frogs, being whiny, bishounens, bishounens love me, canon is cruel, chichiri, cliff, cloud, crying, daydreaming, dearka, denial, duo, ed, eliwood, ephraim, esmeralda is mean, fayt, getting married, gilbert, graham, happy endings, hatori, hatsuharu, heero, hikitsu, hotohori, i hate aerith, i hate colette, i hate flay, i hate garnet, i hate kagome, i hate kairi, i hate lunamaria, i hate marina, i hate meyrin, i hate miaka, i hate nena, i hate relena, i hate rinoa, i hate rod, i hate sophia, i hate takiko, i hate tifa, i hate tohru, i hate winry, inuyasha, irvine, kira, kratos, kuja, kyo, laguna, lloyd, lockon, lovemaking, manga, marrying my bishounens, mary ellen, maxie is disgusting, missy is horrible, mithos, my brother is nasty, nakago, nicol, no capital letters, no death, no girls, no punctuation, no sad pasts, not rod, pairing myself with bishounens, quatre, reno, rey, riku, rod makes me cry, roy, rufus, seifer, seishirou, self inserts, sephiroth, sesshoumaru, setsuna, shigi, shigure, shinn, sora, squall, suboshi, syrius is too emo, tamahome, tasuki, tatara, tomite, treize, trowa, video games, vincent, waaaaah, weddings, whining, wish fulfillment, wufei, yaoi is disgusting, yggdrasill, yuki, yzak, zack, zechs, zell, zelos, zidane
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